Mandana Mishra Agrahara And Vidyaranyapura: The Truth About double speak

Some scholars present the existence of “Vidyaranyapura”, a settlement established by the rulers of Vijayanaga, near Tunga Sringeri, to support its connection to Sri Vidyaranya Swami.

Strangely, the same group of scholars denies the existence of Mandana Mishra Agrahara in Kanchi Kshetra, where many migrated Mishra families from Bihar had their home. This Settlement serves as evidence of the connection between Sri Suresvara and Kanchipuram, the * only * Mokshapuri in South India where Sri Sankaracharya and Sri Suresvararacharya attained Samadhi.

This contradictory stance indicates their hidden motive, extending beyond the objective pursuit of historical evidence.

Image: Jagadguru Sri Sankara Bhagavatpadacharya Charitra (1919) Published by a descendant of Sri Manda Mishra in Kanchipuram.

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