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“Annual Tributes and Historical Connections: Sivaganga and Avani Mathas’ Relationship with Tungabhadra Kudali Sringeri Matha”

Q: What evidence supports the fact that Sivaganga and Avani Mathas had been making annual tributes or offerings to the Tungabhadra Kudali Sringeri Matha?

A: The evidence includes letters from Sivaganga Matha dated Khara, Kārtika Suddha 15, Salivahana Saka 1633, 1711 A.D. and the letter bearing Vyaya, Śaka, 1635, 1713 A.D. Additionally, letters from Avani Matha dated Vyaya, Magha Suddha 15, Salivahana Era, 1635, 1714 A.D. and Jaya, Salivahana Saka 1636, 1715 A.D. also support this fact.

Q: Is it historically correct to consider Sivaganga and Avani mathas as the Shakha or Branch mathas of Tunga Sringeri matha?

A: No, treating Sivaganga and Avani mathas as the shakha or Branch mathas of Tunga Sringeri matha is not historically accurate.

(Source: Preceptors of Advaita- Sankara And Sankarite Institutions: Sri Anantanandendra Saraswati Swami, Upanishad Brahmendra Matha)

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