Doppelgänger Chronicles: Vidyaranya’s Sankara Vijaya and the Copy Cat Phenomenon

According to Dr.W.R.Antarkar, in the Madhaviya Sankaravijaya out of the 1848 stanzas about 1086 stanzas are found to be copied from the following four other works:

1. Vyasachala’s Sankaravijaya.. 475

2. Tirumala Dikishta’s Sankarabhyudaya.. 475

3. Rajachudamani Dikshita’s Sankarabhyudaya.125

4. Ramabhadra Dikshita’s Patanjalivijaya..11

Total 1086 stanzas

Considering Sri Vidyaranya’s exceptional intellectual capabilities, it may seem questionable that he would incorporate such a significant number of stanzas from various biographies of Sri Sankaracharya.

Furthermore, if these allegations hold merit, it would be a disheartening revelation that some one (Navakalidasa) deliberately distorted the original content of a Sankaravijaya. By selectively incorporating verses from other biographies, while erasing the genuine verses, they sought to propagate their own narrative of Sri Sankaracharya’s life.

This unscrupulous act not only undermines the credibility of the work but also raises questions about the authenticity of the associated historical accounts.

Moreover, it appears that this manipulation was driven by the desire to establish a connection between their favored matha and Sri Sankaracharya, thus leveraging His esteemed reputation for their own benefit.

Such actions betray an ulterior motive and disregard for the truth, as they prioritize personal agendas over the preservation of accurate historical records.

In light of these circumstances, it is imperative to approach the modified version of Madhaviya Sankaravijaya with caution and skepticism, considering the possibility of significant alterations and the potential bias introduced by the unknown author.

Careful scrutiny and independent research are essential to distinguish fact from fiction and to comprehend the genuine life history of Sri Sankaracharya.