The Hindu, 12th July,1924 : col. 5.

“The author has taken great pains to sift and test the Various dates till now in the market of Shanakra’s birth and has chosen 509 B.C. as the most likely.

We congratulate him upon having hit the right nail on the head; it will please him to know that the ancient Tibetian records support him. For Shankara came in just 57 years and 9 months after the Nirvana of Buddha. He need not have wavered in his decision and put forth an alternative date of 44 B.C. of the Sringeri matha.

The life account of Shankara contains nothing new; and the author might have thrown overboard much of the heavy useless ballast of the various Shankara Vijayas and sail his craft lightly…………. The works now current might more properly be from the pen of the “Abinava Shankara of the Eight Century.”