Date of Sankaracharya – From the Annals of Kanchi Kamkoti and Dwaraka mathas

It is remarkable that the date of Sri Sankaracharya preserved in the Dwaraka matha list tallies almost exactly with that found in the ancient records of the Kanchi matha. The Dwaraka matha has also preserved the exact dates of the various events of Sri Sankara’s life from His birth to His departure.

It is important to note that the Kanchi Kamakoti and Dwaraka Peethas have not only preserved the regnal years of the Acharyas upto the present day, but also have preserved the Date of Birth of the Great Acharya and the date of His Brahmi-bhava.

Coming from two entirely distant corners of India the agreement in the dates of these two great religious institutions, the Moolamnaya and Pascimamnaya Peethas of Bharath, speaks for the genuineness of the dates given by the two lists.

And the surprise is all the more agreeably enhanced when we find that the dates given by these two mathas are quite in conformity with the date deduced by many eminent indologists, (Shri.K.G.Natesa Sastry and others) from internal evidence, one more proof to show that the Puranic chronology is genuine and tolerably correct.

( Source:Jignasa,1927)