Kamakshi and Kamakoti Pitham -3

English Translation of Samskrtam Article by Panditaraja Pattabhirama Shastri, Vidyavachaspati, Varanasi, Part-3

This place is known as Kamakoti Pitha due to its being the place where Jagadamba in the form of Shakti reigns here. Kamakshi who is ruling this world with her divine eyes, created crores of Manmathas and fulfilled the wishes of Kama, the husband of Rati. That is described in the Amba Stava as,

दग्धं यदा मदनमेकमनेकधा ते मुग्धे कटाक्षविधिरङ्कुरयाञ्चकार ।

धत्ते तदा प्रभृति देवि ललाटनेत्रं नित्यं ह्रियैव मुकुलीकृतमिन्दुमौलिः॥

Shiva who was won by Kama says,

‘एषा भूमिब्रह्मपुत्री गोरूपेणाखिलं जगत् ।

धृत्वा वसति चाद्यापि तस्या भूमेः सुरोत्तमाः ॥

वक्त्रं तु गोमुखक्षेत्रं श्रीपुरं शीर्षतां गतम् ।

हिमालयः कण्ठदेशः केदारं कुक्षिदेशगम् ॥

वाराणसीपृष्ठदेशो मूलं तत्कमलालयम् ।

काञ्चीदेशः पुरी काञ्ची तन्मध्यं कामकोष्टकम् ॥

तस्यमध्यमिदं द्वारं बिलमेतत्सुरोत्तमाः ॥ इति ।

Thus the sangama of various Mahakshetrams named Kamakoshta, the pitha of Jagadamba Kamakshi, this Pitha named Kamakoshta shines in knowledge as well. Even today the sangama of Sarvatirtha is counted among the Sarvatirtha of Bhageerathi. Thus, Kanchipuram is counted as among the divyakshetram, divyatirtham, and divyapitham.

The Goddess of auspicious sacred form, Rajarajeshvari, known as Kamakshi, displaying her many lilas, reigns in this Pitha.This pitha is most ancient.

Bhagavatpada Shri Jagadguru Shankaracharya, when travelling in this region, understanding the greatness of Kanchi, just as he installed shrichakra in various places, installed a Shrichakra here as well. Worshipping the supreme goddess who reigns in the Shri Chakra – Shri Mahatripurasundari and obtained the grace of that lotus-eyed goddess, Acharyapada ascended the Sarvajna Peetha in Kanchipuram and conquering all the avaidika matas, establishing his matha here, bestowed the sannyasa diksha and sannyaasaabhisheka duly as per procedural injunctions, to Sarvajna(tma), gave him the yogalingam that was worshipped by Himself, among the five lingas that He brought back from Kailasa, and assigned Sureshvaracharya to protect the young shishya, with the understanding that the work He came for – dharmarakshana and weeding of durmatas, attained oneness with Paramba Kamakshi.

For this, there are innumerable pramanika granthas such as Shivarahasya, Markandeya Samhita, Anandagiri ShankaraVijaya, BrhacchankaraVijaya, Vyasachaliya. I argue that citing them will be like grinding ground batter. From Acharya ShriSarvajnacharana, worshipping the yogalinga and Shri Mahatripurasundari as per procedure, sanctifying this nation through dharmopadesha, and establishing the adhyatmashakti in the world, the Acharyas of Kamakoti Pitha duly have been carrying forward what was obtained from Bhagavatpada,

There in the avicchinna parampara, the very form of compassion, one who is like a jivanmukta, always meditating upon the self, Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Shricharana the 68th Acharya shines as if the very form of Kamakshi. Fortunate indeed is the compassionate Acharya! The reason for that is:

व्योमेति बिन्दुरिति नाद इतीन्दुलेखा रूपेतिवाग्भवतनूरिति मातृकेति।

निष्यन्दमानसुखबोधनिजस्वरूपो विद्योतसे मनसि भाग्यवतां जनानाम् ॥

He is currently performing penance for the welfare of the world iin that Kamakoshtha, like another incarnation of Bhagavatpada in Kalavai near Kanchipuram in His guru’s adhishtana after duly bestowing the sannyasadiksha to the qualified Shri Jayendra Saraswati Pada as the 69th Acharya according to procedure from childhood, and having taught all shastras to him, and to take responsibility of all the Matham and Pitham related work, and to carry on the activities of puja, dharmopadesha and dharmaprachara.

It is our fortune that Jagadguru Jayendra Saraswati Shripada worshipped kshetras and tirthas from Kanyakumari to Himalayas and with extraordinary dedication performing puja reigns as the Kamakoti Pitha.

Both the Acharyas to uphold the dignity of Bharata seeing that it has experienced some decay, work continuously to restore it to its past dignity by supporting and sustaining the Vedas, the fundamental life breadth of Bharata and the shastras rooted in them, agama and shilpa and also teach the means for doing this!

Thus in this world, we are indeed fortunate that they will spread the greatness of Kamakoti Pitha,from Rameshvaram to Himalayas. It is not just people from India but people from other countries too consider themselves grateful by darshana of the Shricharana and His shishya Shricharana and by seeing their puja and hearing their upadesha and spread the greatness of Kanchi Kshetra, Kamakoti Pitha and Bhagavati Kanakshi thus rendering the people of those countries fortunate, saying thus it establishes the tenet of Manu, स्वं स्वं चरित्रं शिक्षेरन् पृथिव्यां सर्वमानवा:।

Victory to Kamakoti Pitham! Victory to Kamakoti Pitham! Victory to Kamakoti Pitham! (3/3)

Source: Translation of the original Skt. Article published- Kumbabhishekham of Shri Kanchi Kamakshi Temple in 1976,