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Question: Why do Mathamnaya theorists consider Cidvilasa Sankaravijaya to be exceptionally unique and significant and could you specify the exact location where Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada ascended the Sarvajna Peetha according to this historical account?

Answer: Cidvilasa is an adherent of the Tunga Sringeri Matha, presents a unique perspective in his Sankaravijaya by claiming that the Acharya established four mathas. Cidvilasa clearly asserts that Sri Sankaracharya ascended the Sarvajna Peetha exclusively at Kanchipuram.

Image: 19th Century Palm-leaf Tamil manuscript of Cidvilasa Sankaravijaya – Translation of the Skt. original text from the Tunga Sringeri matha, evidencing Sri Sankaracharya’s Sarvajna Peetharohanam at Kanchipuram.

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