H.H.Puri Acharya spoke to THE WEEK at Sringeri on the eve of the Historic meet of Shankaracharyas


QUESTION: What brought you to Sringeri now?

ANSWER: The Sringeri swami invited me to this meeting, and told me that we would be discussing the Ram Janmabhoomi issue. So I came. Perhaps, you should ask him what this is all about. They told me that it would be an opportunity for all the four Shankaracharyas to meet, and I was happy about that,

Q: So you do recognise the Kanchi Shankaracharya as one of you, and there are no longer any problems on that count?

A: You should ask this to the two mutts who actually had those differences (Kanchi and Sringeri). If they say they have all come together now, I am happy about that. It is better that we are not divided over small issues.

(THE WEEK, July 11, 1993)

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