Mahratta Kings of Tanjavur – The Principal Disciples (Mukhya Sishyas) of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Srimatha …1

PRATAP SINGH (1739 -1763 C.E.)

” He (Manoji) and Pratap welcomed to Kumbakonam, the Sankaracharya of Kamakoti Pita from Udayarpalaiyam whither the latter had shifted from Kanchi on account of the increasing Muhammadan influences in that city.”

[The Maratha Rajas of Tanjore By

K. R. SUBRAMANIAN, M.A. With A Foreword By P.T.SRINIVASA IYENGAR., M.A., L.T., Reader in Indian History, University of Madras, (1928).]

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