Madhaviya Sankara-digvijaya..3

” I have come to the conclusion that the work is no independent composition of one single author but is merely a collection of stanzas from four or even more earlier works, added to some nucleus if any that may have once existed, the nature and extent of which can not be ascertained today. I feel that it is unworthy of a genius like Vidyaranya. My findings are:

Out of the Total number of about 1848 verses, comprising the 16 chapters of this work, I.e. Madhaviya, about 1100 stanzas are found to be common to 4 other works, as follows:

1. Vyasacala Sankaravijaya … 475 stanzas

2. Tirumala Dikshita’s

Sankarabhyudaya …. 475 stanzas

3. Rajachudamani Dikshita’s

Sankarabhyudaya …. 125 stanzas

4. Ramabhadra Dikshita’s

Patanjali Carita …. 11 stanzas

Total 1086 stanzas

In most of the cases, verbatim stanzas in succession are found common. In a few cases, only some lines are common while in still fewer cases, substance is the same but stanzas have been composed afresh…”

– Sankshepa-Sankara-jaya of Madhavacarya, Dr.W.R.Antarkar, Post-graduate and Research Department Series No.45, Bhandarkar OrientalResearch Institute, Pune (2004)

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