Sankara Digvijayam -Kanyakumari & Suchindram


[ S.Padmanabhan, Kanyakumari Historical And Cultural Research Centre, Nagarkovil , Tamilnadu Council Of Historical Research, Govt. of Tamilnadu – The Hindu 23.4.2004-ஆய்வுக் களஞ்சியம், July 2004]

” In Chapter 4 of Anandagiri’s Sankara Vijaya. recognised by Orientalists as the authentic biography of Adi Sankara. there is a reference of Adi Sankara’s visit to Rameswaram, the defeat of Sakthas at nearby place and his trip to Anandasayana worshipping a Siva Kshetra named Rudrapura.

In this case his route should have been Rameswaram, Tiruchendur. Kanyakumari and Suchindram. Rudrapura is only Sivanthiram now known as Suchindram. The word Rudra denotes Siva. Sivanthiram means the places where Indra worshipped Siva. The inscriptions and the old people of the area call Suchindram as Sivanthiram. According to the Sthalapuranam. Indra was purified at this place and hence the name.”

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