संस्थाप्य स्वमठं कृत्वा तुङ्गभद्रा नदीतटे ।

तत्र स्थित्वा द्वादशाब्दं यतिं पृथ्वीधराभिधम् !

विद्यापीठाधिकं कृत्वा भारती संज्ञया गुरुः ।

आगच्छत्स्वेच्छया काञ्चीं पर्यटन् पृथिवीतले ॥

तत्र संस्थाप्य कामाक्षीं जगाम परमं पदम् ।

विश्वरूपयतिं स्थाप्य स्वाश्रमस्य प्रचारणे ॥

स्वयं काञ्चीमगात्तूर्णं श्रीपृथ्वीधरभारती ।

तद्वृत्तान्तं समाकर्ण्य तपसस्सिद्धये तदा ॥

” Having established his own matham there at the banks of Tungabhadra, the Acharya anointed Sri. Prithvidhara, as the head of that monastery, the center for learning and gave Bharatii as his dīksha name.

Later he moved to Kanchipuram on his own will by visiting various kshetras enroute. He established Kamakhi there and attained moksha.

Meanwhile Prithvidhara, after hearing the news of Acharya leaving this world, anointed Viswarūpa as his successor to carry out the activities enshrined in the directives of his Guru, visited kanchi himself very quickly.”

[Manuscript No. 2146 (i) – Jambunatha Bhat Landage Collection – The List of Pontifical Preceptors of the Bharati Ascetic order of the Tungabhadra region forming part of the Reports on Sanskrit Manuscripts in South India, Volume III. (1905). [Vide Madras Govt. Oriental Mss. Library, VI-B, Nos. 18-20.] Published by Dr. E. Hultzsch. (a German scholar) ]

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