Kanchipuram’s Kashmira Connection (1/5)

Sarvajna Peetharohana of Sri Sankaracharya at Kanchi

Sri Sankaracharya’s ascent to the Sarvajnapeetha (The Throne of Omniscience) at Kanchipuram, in South India holds immense historical importance.

This significant event is documented in various texts such as Cidvilasa’s Sankaravijaya Vilasa, Govindanantha’s Sankaracharya Charita, and Rajachudamani Dikshita’s Sankarabhyudaya.

Cidvilasa, a devoted disciple of the Tunga Sringeri matha, pays utmost reverence to Bhagavatpada’s Sarvajnapeetharohana at Kanchipuram in his biography.

As a staunch follower of the Tunga Sringeri matha, Cidvilasa’s account takes on a special significance, as he brings his deep understanding and spiritual connection to the narrative. Through the eloquence of sixteen carefully crafted verses, Cidvilasa masterfully paints a vivid picture of Sankaracharya’s ascent to the Sarvajnapeetha at the Kanchi kshetra.

Cidvilasa’s portrayal of Sri Sankaracharya’s Sarvajnapeetharohanam at Kanchipuram, in South India, carries a sense of authenticity and serves as a testament to his unwavering faith in the event’s profound significance.

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